aylesbury_autosEmbroidered clothing covers a wide range of garments and items from polo shirts, T-shirts sweatshirts, hoodies and jackets through to caps and bags.  Embroidery is popular because it durable and easy to launder as well as looking smart and professional.

But for embroidered clothing to achieve everything you hope for, you need to take some care in choosing your supplier, your design and your article to be embroidered.

Choose your supplier with care

When choosing an online supplier, do some research into who owns the website, long they’ve been in business and who else they’ve done work for. Examine the embroidery samples they show on their site and make sure that they match up to your expectations. Ask questions of suppliers because reputable companies will be delighted to demonstrate their expertise and fly-by-night operators will reveal themselves as inadequate in their answers.

Make sure they have an in-house digitiser or a reputable out-source because if you don’t check on this part of the supply chain you can end up finding your exquisite design has been rendered by a person who has little or no design background and may not even have cultural references for what you want to achieve, so they may not recognise words or images that you wish to have processed. Similarly, third parties who complete embroidery work are often late to deliver, so in-house embroidery services mean that deadlines will be met. The shortest number of links in the supply chain means efficiency and reduced costs.

Choose your design with care

Make sure your logo or image is simple and colourful.  Graduation is impossible in embroidered threads so you need to ensure your design has block colour. Also make sure the design works across all media such as letterhead, clothing and other promotional items without needing modification.

If you are using text, make sure it’s not too small to be easily read, and if you have large areas of blankness, consider how you can revise the artwork so that there aren’t big expensive areas to be filled in with embroidery that will then look bulky rather than elegant.

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