We do all types of embroidery or printing for promotional wear here at Clothes2Order, and you may not realise where the best place for your logo is or what the available options are. This guide should help you decide on the most effective positioning for your requirements.



1: Left breast:

The most popular position for a company logo, prominent and the typical place one would expect to find the company name of the polo/t-shirt wearer.

2: Right breast:

Usually used in conjunction with the company logo on the left side this position is typically utilised to promote a business partner. This option is also worth considering for the company logo if you want to create an ‘uncanny’ effect on the viewer, causing them to do a double-take at the irregular position and perhaps focus attention on the logo.

3: Chest:

The most prominent position viewable from the front this area is often used to highlight a primary sponsor in the same manner as a football shirt. Alternatively this area could be printed with the name of the event it is being used for.

4 and 5: Corners:

An unusual position which can be used as a platform for advertising individual products or company slogans.


6: Sleeves:

These positions are extremely useful in promoting sponsors that you perhaps do not wish to bring to as prominent attention as if you had used the chest area. Ideal for secondary sponsors, either one or both can be embroidered.

7: Collar:

A small area, this is most often filled by the company web address or a website dedicated to the event in question.

8: Back centre:

The largest area available this is typically requested for outdoor wear created for team-building activities. T-shirts and polo shirts can also be printed or embroidered on this position by request.

Of course any combination of the above positions can be ordered, from one to all 8!

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