I don’t know about you but I associate the words ‘sports day’ with a day off school, tripping over in a sack, cheating in the egg and spoon race and competing against that ludicrously over-developed kid from the year above who is two feet taller than everyone else. And of course the inevitable “its the taking part that counts” consolation after coming last again.

So it was with fond memories that we were again pleased to receive an order for the professional service giant PricewaterhouseCooper‘s annual sports day. This is the second time we have been asked to provide t-shirts suitable for their fun and competitive day out, with PricewaterhouseCooper’s logo emblazoned on the front in different colours for the competing teams.


Cherry, an Executive in Public Services, explains that “when the day comes around it’s all about having fun and getting involved and meeting people. We represented the public sector team and were pitted against the private sector. It can get a bit competitive but it’s all good fun in the end. Interns right through to partners like to get involved.”

Which could leave quite the dilemma. Its all well and good tripping up the leaders in the three-legged race at school but could you go out in a race and try to beat the boss?

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