forklift-vitalyzator.jpg  A forklift driver who is claimed to have ‘threatened to undermine law and order’ in Peterborough by wearing a T-shirt printed with the message Don’t p*** me off! I am running out of places to hide the bodies has been warned he’ll face an eighty pound fine if he is seen again in the offending apparel. 

David Pratt (yes, that really is his name) was photographed by street wardens as he and his wife waited for a bus, the BBC reports. The wardens (presumably like traffic wardens but for pedestrians?)  told him the shirt “could cause offence or incite violence”, and issued a verbal warning. 

Mr Pratt is having none of it, and is demanding a written apology. He said: “I really don’t see how the wording on my t-shirt could incite violence – it’s humour, that’s all it is.”  Peterborough City Council states that “The incident is the subject of an official complaint to the council and is currently under investigation. However, using offensive, abusive, or insulting language is an offence under the Public Order Act, which also applies to such language appearing in print.  In what was an amicable conversation, the street warden advised the gentleman concerned that his T-shirt could cause offence and if he was to wear it again he could run the risk of being issued an £80 on-the-spot fine from the police.” Forklift photography by Vitalyzator used under a creative commons attribution licence.

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