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Firefighters in Escondido, California, have designed their own Firestorm 2007 T-shirt which they are selling to raise funds for people who lost their homes in the awful recent wildfires in that state.

ThinkGeek have the perfect Christmas present for the lazy geek in your family.  A WiFi detector T-shirt (yes really!) .  The black T-shirt uses three AA batteries to illuminate a radio tower logo on the shirt when in range of WiFi, meaning the aforesaid lazy geek doesn’t have to open up his or her laptop to see if they are in a WiFi hotspot – it even fluctuates according to signal strength.

A former employee is suing Norsk Hydro because he wasn’t allowed to work in a T-shirt.  Jerry Josleyn is claiming that illness meant he was unable to work in the long sleeved shirts the company’s health and safety policy insisted on because it was too hot and made him unwell.  He says he told management that he couldn’t complete an eight-hour shift without getting dehydrated and ill, but they ignored his need to wear a T-shirt and instead gave him two warnings and then sacked him!

Firefighter photograph by ysplix, used under a creative commons attribution licence

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