model-peter-duhon.jpgIn a week when Naomi Campbell has been up-front about how other models threatened to boycott shows if she wasn’t chosen to appear, the issue of colour bias in the fashion world has been very prominent.  DKNY has taken its own route to a kaleidoscope of models.  The Mark Van S. digital photo booth, is a patent pending device that has appeared all over the world: New York, Vegas, Switzerland, Montreal, Seoul, Paris, and now London. And if you pop into Selfridges and head for the second floor, you get the chance to experience yourself as a fashion model.

The booth instantly (yes, before you can stop it!) projects your picture out of the Selfridges windows for the whole of Oxford Street to observe and the booth’s specially designed studio lighting makes everybody look fantastic. Every new image is added to the slide show that runs constantly from 10am to 11pm for four weeks.  You can take as many shots as you like and if one impresses you so much that you want it for your portfolio, a copy can be printed instantly for £1.00 – and because all proceeds of the digital photo booth will go to the Red Cross, this might be an ideal Valentine surprise for the shopping phobic man in your life. Why not whisk him to Oxford Street and project a his’n’hers image for the world to see?

Fashion model courtesy of Peter Duhon

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