brand-t-shirt-adactio.jpgA survey from Source-e, which specialises in research for the marketing and promotional industries, has found that what we always suspected is true. When we’re given a freebie, most of us keep it – but what’s more surprising is that 89% of those who replied to the survey keep small items of promotional merchandise in their work bag, briefcase or handbag.

69 % of those receiving promotional merchandise keep it rather than giving it to a member of their family or a colleague. This offers strong evidence for the positive link between promotional merchandise, branding and sales and shows that the British public don’t only retain and use items (like T-shirts, which are very popular ‘giveaways’ with the public) but are equally happy to carry smaller promotional items with them  When questioned about an item of promotional merchandise they had been given and were currently carrying around 23% replied that it was a pen while 10% of respondents said it was a USB stick and a further 10% said a keyring.

71% cent of respondents had heard of the company that presented them with the item and exactly the same number of people could (without looking) name the company that had presented them with the item suggesting that repeat exposure to an item that is used on a regular basis is kept at the forefront of people’s minds – and that’s why promotional clothing works so well too, because it reinforces the brand and name of a company in the customer’s mind, whenever they see a uniformed member of staff or a member of the public wearing that company’s logo.

 Brand T-shirt courtesy of adactio

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