Heathrow is in the news again. Not, not another Terminal 5 debacle, just a T-shirt one.  A young man travelling through the airport (that is, in transit) was stopped and questioned about his T-shirt which bore an image of Megatron who was armed with a gun.

Well yes, Megatron is a cartoon robot from another planet and featured in the cult TV series (and later, film) Transformers. So the picture was of a fictional cartoon robot with a gun for an arm. Hardly an incitement to terrorism, or even a blueprint for terror (‘first find your evil alien robot planet, then recruit your evil alien robot …’ doesn’t really work, does it?) But even so, Heathrow security didn’t like the T-shirt and made the passenger put on a different one, saying they would arrest him if he put it back on. 

Meanwhile, Police officers in Geneva are red-faced about their promotional activities! They commissioned 500 T-shirts and 250 caps to feature the Geneva police and Euro 2008 logos – an order total of around £5,000 – which they were selling to raise funds and promote their role in policing the highly publicised event. But their colleagues from the anti-fraud unit investigated the company that provided the T-shirts and discovered it didn’t have permission from UEFA to use the tournament logo!

The city police had to withdraw their items from public sale and are waiting to hear from UEFA before deciding what to do with the garments.

Megatron courtesy of Simon Davison

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