Yasuo Fukuda, who was in charge for just 11 months and whose period at the top is generally considered to have been a disaster, finally got it right on his last day! Japanese politicians aren’t exactly known for their charisma, but Fukuda was known as the least charismatic of all. However, at a press conference on his last day in the job, he was asked whether he had given his everything during his disastrous 11 and a half months in office. In reply Fukuda scowled at the reporter and replied, ‘I can see myself objectively. I’m not like you’.


And those four words allowed the 67-year-old leader to catch the public imagination. Since then the phrase, in Japanese of course: anata to chigaun desu – has appeared on T-shirts, mugs and even baby clothes. Within hours of his resignation press conference, pictures of the former PM made from keyboard characters, appeared across the internet showing s a drawing of the former PM, pistols drawn, with the words printed below.


Thousands of T-shirt versions have been sold online since they went on sale last week, according to their manufacturer, ClubT. The firm, which moved quickly to obtain rights to the image, said the shirts had already become the most popular of its 800,000 designs. They have even outsold T-shirts depicting the swimmer Kosuke Kitajima, who won two gold medals at the Beijing Olympics.

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