Well, if the credit crunch hasn’t burnt a hole in your pocket, and you have difficulty deciding what to wear, why not try buying T-shirts by subscription?


It may sound a little odd – or a lot odd, depending on your view of spending around £13 for a new T-shirt every six weeks, but that’s the idea behind T-post, a Swedish T-shirt subscription service.  The design on each new shirt is based on an item of current affairs, usually a newspaper article, which is printed inside the back of the T-shirt and that’s why business is headed by an editor-in-chief who picks the stories.


You don’t get any say in the T-shirt they send you, which might suggest that you’re going to get a lot of disappointments, but perhaps not, perhaps getting a new garment in the post every six weeks is pleasure enough.  For many people it seems to be a deal made in heaven as the site says it has more than 2,500 subscribers.


T-shirts courtesy of T-post

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