Or has it?  Only a few months ago, every T-shirt you saw had a sarcastic or offensive message. Divas were seen in T-shirts that said Dump him, while Big Brother contestants sported tops saying, I stole your boyfriend, and of course guys were wearing MILF emblazoned T-shirts to school sports days.  But now it seems we’re becoming nicer.


One theory is that election years (USA) and potential elections (UK) bring out our desire to share positive messages rather than negative ones, or in other words, to persuade people to our way of thinking, not shock them with it. Regardless of the reason, many of the T-shirts being shown alongside this year’s skinny-leg jeans are ‘happy’ message or ‘higher purpose’ ones.

Happy ones show self-esteem or support for a positive cause eg ‘vegetarians have happier days’ while higher cause ones seek to make people think about something bigger than themselves.  John Lennon wouldn’t have been surprised by the Love & Peace T-shirts being worn in LA last week for the teen fashion festival, nor by sweatshirts begging us Give Earth a Chance. The key feature of these T-shirts is that they are not ironic or clever – just simple, sweet and somewhat retro – either featuring rainbows or the current fad, tattoo-style printing.

So are we all getting nicer, or are we just saving our nastiness for the elections?


Love myself T-shirt courtesy of cgparkhouse

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