Everything is up in the air: banks, recessions, hemlines in Milan … but Dior rocked Paris fashion week with an upbeat show that looked like Paris Hilton meets the Colombia Pictures Lady with the Torch.  A lot of the appeal came from a kind of fusion-tribal theme: snakeskin skin jackets and corsetry – often with embroidery, clinging T-shirts with studs, and short, transparent pleated skirts a la cheerleader. Dresses continued the theme, they were sheer silk, very draped and heavy with crystal embroidery.

When Americans go to vote, they need to watch out for the fashion police.  Anybody wearing an Obama or McCain T-shirt to the voting booth can be fined, removed from the area and possible even held by the state police.  There are several states where any form of advertising for the candidates is classed as electioneering (trying to persuade others to vote in a particular way) but Kansas has the strictest laws, including specific guidelines on what not to wear and that includes T-shirts.  You can’t ‘wear, exhibit or distribute labels, signs, posters, stickers or other materials that clearly identify a candidate in the election or clearly indicate support or opposition to a ballot question’ all of which are classed as ‘Election Crime’ The no-electioneering bubble extends to 250 feet in a circle around the door of the polling station and people turning up in T-shirts with election slogans or candidates’ faces on them are usually asked to turn the T-shirts inside out before entering the 250 foot zone.

Election crime T-shirt courtesy of jurvetson

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