Pig farmers and pork processors in Wales are to be given a support strategy to maximise their profits. The package is called – unsurprisingly – the Pig Initiative and it’s been created by Hybu Cig Cymru to help ten regional producers market their products.

In the long term the initiative hopes to achieve a quality and assurance mark for Welsh pork. The only pork eligible comes from pigs that were born, reared and slaughtered in Wales and the package brand identity, website design, leaflet design and printing and professional photography of the producers’ products.

The package may hope to build on the strength of the American pork market which has been supported by a major initiative over several years including recipe packs, T-shirts and other promotional wear including barbecue aprons given away at agricultural events and food fayres, and advertising campaigns on regional TV featuring a guitar playing pork loin (I kid you not!) over the slogan ‘The Other White Meat’. The rock-star pork loin appears on the promotional clothing too and has developed a clear brand recognition for American pork which is also used as an export brand to South America.

‘The Other White Meat’ baseball caps are particularly popular with American Football fans, having achieved cult status along with the aprons which are worn to tailgating barbecue parties that precede games.

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