A uniform makes certain statements about a company or business. It says that there is a public image that the organisation wishes to convey – think of the difference between the way a barista wears an apron to make you a coffee and the way a waiter dresses to serve you dinner. It displays the values that the company has, and the aims it wants to achieve, which is why airline staff tend to be formally dressed, to convince travellers that this is a luxurious, elegant way to travel, while pizza delivery men tend to dress in a casual uniform style that focuses on swiftness and relaxed eating.

Polo shirts are a common choice because they are comfortable, easy to wear on a casual basis but also smart enough to be look professional in many industries.

The colour also says a great deal about the organisation’s ‘personality’ – bright colours in  polo-shirt imply a young and possibly irreverent company, while classic coloured polo shirts imply stability and old fashioned values. Picking a colour that is part of your logo, or harmonises with it, gives an added sense of coherence and unity. A good designer or supplier will be able to advise you on this aspect of the corporate look.