london_waspsEmbroidery is an ancient artistic technique that is still used today to make a piece of clothing more distinctive. Until the invention of screen printing, there were only two ways to get fabric to carry a message – it had to be either woven in as tapestry or embroidered on with thread, and modern embroidery contains a range of high technology methods and materials to allow the embroidery machine to create intricate patterns that seem three-dimensional, complex writing that can mimic anybody’s handwriting, or detailed images with subtle shading and textures.

Embroidery has a wide range of uses from the creation of elegant logos in metallic thread which give a touch of high style to company uniforms, especially those used in hotel and spa environments, through to bright three-dimensional blocks of colour that make up a company’s logo and stand out against a dark blue or black T-shirt or barkeeper’s apron – both these techniques have particular use in situations like bars, restaurants and other locations that are often low-lit.

Embroidery is also useful in creating promotional clothing for company events as it can conveys information but also gives an air of luxury and classic styling to any clothing, but especially on shirts, blouses and corporate clothing. The scale of embroidery is usually intricate and detailed, which makes it particularly suitable for monograms on cuffs and collars or on bathrobes or caps.

In ‘bespoke’ businesses, those that have a low staff turnover and a reputation of style and luxury to live up to, have names ‘detailed’ which means embroidered on the clothing, looks classic and understated and gives a much better impression than a name badge. If that seems out of your cost range, you can consider embroidery patches which can be made up in bulk and then sewn onto suitable garments or bags or other merchandise. It’s a highly personalised approach that is popular with customers because it looks rich and elegant.

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