n14closeupWe know that to get a good return on our promotional activity, we have to identify the exact part of the market that we’re trying to attract and ensure that everything we do will get their attention and hold it. Marketing has become increasingly gender specific as the purchasing power of women increases because they have both their personal income and the household income to spend.

Promotional clothing, especially in the form of leisurewear, can be a key component in marketing to women because it’s the female of  the species who decides what her family takes on holiday or on day trips, and that’s where casual clothing and promotional products really come into their own.

Whether a family is heading for a day in the park, or a fortnight in the West Indies or California, everybody knows that children need to have their delicate skins protected from the sun, so baseball caps with a company logo in child sizes are likely to be the first thing that a Mum reaches for.

Everybody wants to be comfortable when travelling, so well-fitting T-shirts are likely to find themselves in the suitcase, and thus, on the beach or touring around Disneyworld. And bags are a fantastic way to get persuasive with women: not only can the average woman never have enough bags, she is aware that her family needs to have the right things in the right bag at the right time, so drawstring bags for PE and swimming kits, tote bags for picnic lunches, and document bags for teen schoolwork and adult office materials will all find themselves in constant and appreciated use.

To ensure that you get this promotional activity right though, you have to invest in fashionable and well-manufactured items, because the stylish female insists on having things that look right and work well for a busy and multi-tasking lifestyle.

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