new_adultcapAssuming that you’ve got something to promote: a brand, a product, a bar or a band, promotional clothing is the perfect choice for cost effective selling.

Printed clothing comes in an almost limitless range of styles, colours and cost ranges, so you can choose exactly the right blend for your product. That might be grunge black T-shirts with a pimped up hummer emerging from the bowels of hell to sell your car modification business to the average ‘modder’, or a beautifully cut white shirt with a delicate monogram to impress the clients at your upscale spa when the see your staff behind the reception desk. Not only that, you can market your brand to senior executives, teenagers or even little kids, all by choosing the right garment and colour combinations to appeal to them.

Your budget may be limited but you can optimise it by choosing carefully when buying promotional clothing. Caps and T-shirts are relatively cheap and convey a powerful message – compared to the lifetime of cheaper promotional items like pens or sticky notes, they get seen by up to sixteen times more people across a wider section of society than any other promotional item except television advertising.

Once you’ve got a promotional approach that works, you can benefit from discounts offered for large quantities so that you get much more promotional clothing for your money. If you overbuy you can use that stock as give-aways for contests so that your excess stock actually serves to promote your brand even more widely. Nothing is wasted! T-shirts can be used as prizes for competitions that people enter online or postally, and caps and other small, one-size-fits-all  items can be used at fairs and trade shows, or give to schoolchildren undertaking charity activities in the community, giving you great publicity at little cost.

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