62608_131_131When it comes to promotional clothing, especially in the UK, a jacket embroidered or printed with a company logo is fast becoming the gold standard of work-wear. This is because nervous employees know that an embroidered or printed T-shirt is not a great investment in staff retention as prices for such items are so competitive – in other words, being given a company T-shirt doesn’t mean that you’ve got a solid job. On the other hand, getting a jacket with the company logo or brand on it implies a much more substantial investment in the work-force so that staff feel they are really being valued.

It’s a tough time for both employers and employees right now. While it might appear to be a buyer’s market, with so many people competing for every job, that also means that competitors are looking out for people who have been well-trained to poach for their own companies. And that means that some employers fear losing their best staff just when they’ve made a big investment in developing their skills. And it’s not just a matter for executives and high flyers – good drivers and data-inputters and sandwich makers are as likely to be enticed away by the competition as top chefs and lawyers and football players!

So if you run a small business or have a small budget and don’t want to get into the bargaining wars over salaries and perks, this could be a good time to look at your staff uniform and consider whether investing in a line of good outerwear with the company logo on it wouldn’t be the best way to convince your employees that you have their best interests at heart and that their jobs are safe with you. Jackets are particularly useful for this approach because with the changeable British weather, they are garments that are pulled on and taken off on an irregular basis, so while uniform items like T-shirts become habitual and staff may not even notice they are wearing them, the jacket is sometimes necessary and sometimes not, so an employee is regularly reminded that the company values his or her welfare!

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