organic_ladies_teeJust about every business at some time needs to have some small promotional give-aways: those things that are reasonable to buy in bulk, easy to store and transport and can be handed out or posted to people for a variety of reasons from winning a competition, to saying thank you for an order, to recognising that they’ve become a member of a group or club, to joining the company as a member of staff. These items need to have the company or group name and some kind of contact details on them. Simple, right?

Perhaps not. Companies, businesses and organisations need to recognise that any form of marketing has to answer other questions that it raises, such as, ‘how environmental is this company’ or ‘does this club or group demonstrate ethical behaviour’? An example – a children’s drama club shouldn’t be buying the kids T-shirts to wear at rehearsals that may have been created using child labour.

The ‘green revolution’ means that effective marketing also involves ethical and environmental issues – organic clothing and promotional items mean that it’s easy for any organisation to meet this need.

Organic cotton T-shirts, for example, are made from cotton that uses none of the harmful pesticides used in conventional cotton production. This makes the T-shirts eco-friendly and allows the buyer and the wearer both to make a powerful environmental statement because wearing the T-shirt allows them to show that they are limiting their impact on the environment. This kind of behaviour is both good PR and good for the planet. As a result, using organic clothing is superb way to market a brand or gain publicity for a group or team, and organic cotton T-shirts are a simple and cost-effective way to show that your company is on the side of the good guys.

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