vestWherever you live, you probably pass half a dozen joggers in the course of your day: early morning ones on long tough runs, lunchtime runners huffing and puffing around the park, evening ones stretching their muscles after a long day’s work. And they could be a fantastic promotional tool for your business.

All runners wear running gear, obviously. And if they were wearing vests emblazoned with your company name, they would be parading your business, for free, for miles, every time they set out for a run.

So how do you get them to advertise you? Couldn’t be simpler. Get in touch with your local running clubs and ask to become a sponsor. While it can be incredibly expensive to get involved with a big charity event like the London Marathon, local clubs train for local races every month of the year, and they have large memberships of runners who will never win a race but still get out there and plod around the area four or five times a week.

Ideally, you want to find a female running club, for one simple reason – everybody looks at a female runner, while men don’t tend to look at male runners, perhaps because it makes them feel inadequate not to be out there pounding the pavements themselves! So if you can get the women runners wearing your sponsorship vests, you’ll get the maximum attention for your company.

It can be very cost effective way of advertising your company and the vests, on the runners, give a strong impression of a company or business that is healthy and supporting local people – a double win, for a low cost. And if you’re really lucky, one of your sponsored runners will win a race and get their picture in the newspaper, wearing your vest. Even more free advertising!