Organic_tshirt_mens_redJust about everybody is now ‘back-to-school’. After the trauma of the ‘kitting out’ where sulky or terrified children are kitted out with school uniform items, with or without their cooperation, comes the next stage – the losing, destroying or rejecting the clothing that has cost so much time, money and tears.

One way to help your child through this stage, and to help the planet too, is to educate them about organic clothing and get them involved in thinking about how their clothing is made, why a uniform is worn and how they can benefit the environment by choosing organic options for themselves and maybe even getting a school-wide campaign going to support the wearing of organic cotton items such as organic T-shirts for PE or performing groups like school bands who can be outfitted in organic cotton clothing in a very cost-effective fashion.

Online retailers are now a great way to outfit children in eco-friendly clothing for a very reasonable price.  Knowing that their clothing is benefiting the planet can often help children, especially fashion-conscious ones, become reconciled to a uniform they hate because if they are teased by their friends about wearing the school issue uniform, such as white polo-shirt and navy trousers, they can say ‘Well okay, it’s not stylish, but it is organic and that means it’s preventing the use of pesticides, and stopping people in the developing world being exposed to toxic chemicals.’

Looked at in this way, a plain white T-shirt becomes a statement about caring for the planet and can remove a lot of the stigma that children feel if they don’t have the most up to date fashions, because they can assert that they are choosing to toe the line with organic clothing items for ethical reasons and that anybody who tries to tease them for it is simply showing their own selfishness and lack of care about the world in general.

For the environmentally conscious child, this can become a major issue in accepting the role of uniform as a sustainable way of not wasting clothing or going to unnecessary expense to attend school, and that can give the ‘green child’ a real boost in getting back into the school routine. And it can stop the loss and damage to school items that would otherwise be dropped, cut, abandoned or otherwise rejected.

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  1. Bernard | Promotional Gifts

    WOW! I really like thw angle that you took with this article. Peer pressure and brand consciousness are very real in our children’s lives, and it is actually scary how harsh kids can be on “non-conformers”

    I am all for green and organic produce, and if we all demand it manufacturers will be forced to re-assess their products to keep in touch with what the market desires, or risk losing their place in the market altogether.

    Getting our kids to understand and embrace the concepts are also very important, otherwise the next generation will care even less than the previous one!
    I really like the angle for enviro-kids you’re targeting here. Make it cool to be organic and mindful of one’s consumption.

    Good one!



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