white tProducing good printed T-shirts is the responsibility of your printed T-shirt supplier, but they can only work with what you give them.

Finding creativity within your organisation, or working with a designer to create a design are two ways to come up with a logo, slogan or other printable image, but before you make a choice, it’s a good idea to look at printed T-shirts online, or in shops to get some sense of what people are currently choosing to wear – a design may express your concept of your business perfectly but if it looks dated or runs too much against current fashion trends, it may never get worn. If you impose it on staff they may resent it and not like wearing it because it doesn’t look ‘cool’ and that causes demotivation.

If you want to sell your T-shirt or use it for promotional purposes, it’s vital that people want to wear it and be seen in it!

Designers come up with great ideas, but they don’t always match the business profile you want to present: they can be too ‘funky’ if you have a business or too ‘grown-up’ if you have a band you’re trying to promote. Because designers work to a brief, it’s up to you to tell them everything you can about what your design should express, who you want to wear or buy it and where you expect them to wear it.

If it’s a T-shirt for the beach, they can design for that, but if you’re asking for printed clothing that people would wear to a committee meeting, it needs to be a completely different kind of design and it’s your job to lay out the specifications clearly enough so that they can produce the right image for the right people to wear to the right places to achieve your aims.

A logo is an encapsulation of your brand and everything it does, and on printed clothing, your logo has to look good but also to express that brand – something too obscure might look great but convey nothing of your business, while something too straightforward may say everything you want to say, but make for the most boring T-shirt in the world!

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