Facebook this, Twitter that; update your status here, tell the world what you had for breakfast there…..

The world has gone wild for telling people what they’re up to, what they’re thinking and what their views are on any given subject.

We ask why limit this to a post online when you could wear your update on your chest?

In the office we decided that if you’ve got something to say, why not say it on a t shirt?….. and it was just a few short minutes before the ‘Tweeshirts’ pun had been rolled out……

So what on earth is Tweeshirts Friday?

Every Friday, will be looking for the most interesting twitter comment that we think would go well printed on a T-Shirt. All you have to do is send us a tweet to @Clothes2order with a statement that you’d like to wear, and if your tweet is the winner, we’ll print it up and you’ll have your very own TweeShirt!.

Your inspiration could come from a story in the news, a personal experience or something related to your weekend plans. Entries can be submitted any time in the week before 2.30pm on a Friday and we will pick a winner. So get the creative juices flowing and start sending us your slogans today!

Follow the competition by following us on twitter where we’ll announce the winner every Friday at 3.30pm.

We’ll be putting pictures on the blog of our favourite entries and posting the winning twee-shirt, so check back here for regular updates.

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