5930Let’s start by clearing up terminology – by vest we mean sleeveless T-shirt, the thing that’s called a wife-beater in the West Indies and the southern states of the USA, not the kind of vest you wear under a shirt when you’re a kid, nor the kind of vest that is American for waistcoat.

So, vests. They are the ideal tool for promotional and advertising activities, especially in winter, believe it or not. The reason is that the vest is one of the cheapest, simplest and most dramatic forms of promotional clothing. In recent years it’s become fashionable for young people to wear vests over longer-sleeved tops like T-shirts or sweatshirts, which means that their printed or embroidered message is even more clearly displayed.

Printing vests with a promotional message also allows you to add to your staff’s or team’s uniform cost-effectively – whether they wear the vest under a shirt or over a long-sleeved T-shirt the new message, which could advertise a sale, a promotion, a recent win at team sports or a new single release for a band, is clearly displayed. And because vests look just as good outsized as they do when they fit snugly, you can choose just one or two sizes and everybody will fit into them, which is good if you have a group which ranges from extra-small to XXXL!

For winter staff use, printed vests add warmth and comfort while also carrying a message to customers. Choose vests in a contrasting colour to your usual uniform to make a bold statement that catches the eye.

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