shugonWhat can you give to every one of your customers this year that they’ll appreciate and use?

A good bag is the ideal early Christmas gift or item of promotional merchandise. Even people who do 99% of their shopping online will find themselves making shopping trips for something, often at the last minutes, and they’ll need a bag to carry their purchases home in.

Equally, this is the time of year when people convey files and other equipment from the office to work on at home over Christmas, and a sturdy bag is the ideal freebie to have given them, because it will encourage them to bless your company and remember your name as they stuff their new acquisition full of whatever it is that they fondly hope they will somehow find time for over the festive season.

So what makes a good bag? A good size, well made and nicely printed are your three criteria. If you want to be truly festive, pick Christmas colours: red, green and white, but remember that a bag that is too clearly Xmas-related may not continue to be used all year round. Make sure that your printed message is large, well-designed and attractive – tiny logos get lost on the side of a bag, and too much big block lettering can look clunky and cheap. Get your designer’s advice because often they know what works best and can help you create a bag design that will appeal to people and work for you for years.