This years war for the Christmas number one spot is hotting up already. The X Factor winner is a dead cert to occupy it yet again….. or are they?

There is a massive Facebook and Twitter movement encouraging people to boycott the X Factor winner and instead propel Rage Against the Machine to the top of the charts. So far it’s got 300,000 members, which is pretty impressive – If this sounds like your thing check out the group here

Although they’re making great progress, the fact is that last years X Factor Winner sold over 500,000 copies in her first week, so there is someway to go. So we’ve designed a t shirt for all you ragers and Cowell haters out there:

You can buy your Rage against the machine for Christmas number one t shirt here . 10% of all sales on this t shirt will be donated to the official charity of the campaign, Shelter .

Love the X Factor and think all this camapigning is a load of nonsense? Why not design your own printed t shirt to support your favourite finalist?

……Who will you support?

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