Dublin might always have been green, but it’s green in a very specific way for the next week or so – ‘Fashion Evolution’, set up by the Re-dress collective. Celebrating ethical fashion, Re-dress is inviting ordinary shoppers and fashionistas to ‘re-dress’ sustainability, ethics and environmental issues in the clothing and apparel sector.

For many businesses, purchasing ethical clothing is central to their mission statement. Concerns such as Fair Trade, environmental protection and supply chain have driven many companies to review their uniform choices and avoid reputational issues by investing in organic and fair-trade clothing.

In addition, new forms of business reporting focus increasingly on value and less on cost – this means that the reputation of companies who exploit third world labour or pollute ecosystems by using damaging processes to create promotional clothing, are devalued.

The alternative, promotional organic clothing, markets a brand in an ethical and effective way – it tells a good story about a company and means there is no dirt to be found, no matter how deep a journalist digs. Today, organic cotton T-shirts demonstrate a company’s green credentials without costing more than the standard issue version.

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