One of my aims for this blog is to give you a bit of inspirations for your own designs. To do this I’ve been keeping my finger on the pulse of T-shirt trends to bring you the latest. This means you can incorporate them into your own designs and stay up-to-date in the fast moving fashion world. Having read an article from 2008 about the top 5 designer trends, I thought I’d write my own version for 2010.

1) Joke’s on you!: It seems the joke is on you, or rather it should be! Simple printed T-shirts with a side of irony seem to be the way to go. The key is to be original like these three designers have:

2) Feeling simple: Keeping it simple and keeping it geometric is a big trend this year. Whether it be block colours or a more pattern focussed T-shirts, one branch of designers are keeping it simple to make an impact:

3) Going Green: Nature is a massive focus in the T-shirt world and it seems that the greener it is, the better. Leaf patterns, animal prints and landscapes are becoming a hot theme for designers. Check out these prints by these green fingered designers:

4) The final frontier: Designers are boldly going where no one has gone before by their space inspired designs. Space travel, futuristic robots and planets are definitely starting to become more and more popular with designers and from these designs you can see why:

5) More is More: The new way to make people take that second glace at your t-shirt is to focus on detail. Complex and intricate designs that look good from near and afar are guaranteed to make people stop and stare. Here are a few designs to give you a flavour:

These are all themes that I have picked out as being popular at the moment, but I’m open to suggestion. Do you think there are others that should be in the top 5? What trends are ‘in’ for you this year?