With the popularity of T.V. shows like The Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who, there is no doubt that geek has come full circle and is now cool. This is being shown more and more on the catwalks and in the T-shirt world. So I thought I’d bring you my top 5 geek sheek T-shirts:

1)  S e x = f u n: Mathematical equations are bringing sexy back! If you were ever any doubt that ‘a roll around in the hay’ is time well spent, then here is your proof. This T-shirt is not only clever on close inspection, but from afar it’s simple black and white design gives it an innocent sheek. It goes to prove that even geeks can have some cheeky fun!

2) Rofl copter: Never heard of a Roflcopter?! Then you obviously have never been ‘Rolling On Floor Laughing, Can’t Operate Properly Till Eyes Refocus’. This T-shirt takes text language to a whole new level with a more literal rofl copter design. It looks great with a cool print and is bound to get book worms laughing out loud in the library.

3) Video games ruined my life: This homage to video game lovers definitely has the chuckle factor! The coupling of the pixelated design (harking back to Super-Mario on the Nintendo) and the witty catchphrase, make this T-shirt one that will make your wardrobe go up a level.

4) Live long a prosper: I think trekky fans all over the world will boldly go and buy this hoody straight away! The inspired use of Spock’s greeting (or was it farewell?!) hand gesture matching with the zip of the hoody is one that even non-space lovers will appreciate.

5) Rock-out: My favourite T-shirt by miles! This interactive t-shirt is one that you can actually play! So, all there is left to do is to back-comb your hair and whip on a pair of skinny fit jeans, and you are a portable rocker. The clever technology behind this t-shirt is geek-tastic and one that I think would make most people jump up and down with excitement.

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  1. Simon

    I like Roy from The I.T. Crowd’s t-shirts on the show. He was wearing an excellent one that said “ROLF” (instead of ROFL) with a picture of Rolf Harris 🙂

  2. harri

    i love this blog; amazing. am definately looking into buying no. 5 for my boyfriend who thinks he’s a rock god but is definately a geek!


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