Whether it be trimming your bush or getting down and dirty in some flower beds, there are some gardening jobs that most of us can manage. There are times however when we all need to call in some green-fingered helping hands.

Our latest case study comes from some horticultural heroes who are here to help. ‘Trees and Logs’ is a Hampshire based company specialising in all aspects of tree surgery. They safely deal with anything from a small pruning job to dismantling large trees that loom dangerously over houses. To do all of this, members of staff climb the trees using a rope and harness and start to dismantle them using the latest rigging techniques. If that didn’t sound dangerous enough, they do it all brandishing a chainsaw (do not try this at home)!

Due to this perilous work, it is important for all Health & Safety hazards and risks to be minimised which is why members of staff have to wear high visibility clothing. Richard from Trees and Logs states that while their personalised high-vis clothing serves a practical purpose by fulfilling health and safety standards, it also helps make a good impression.

‘You never know when you will meet your next client and we always want to make a good first impression’

After becoming frustrated with another company’s complicated ordering process, he abandoned their website and found clothes2order.com through Google instead. He placed an order with the artwork he required, tracked the progress of his clothes and soon after received his high visibility clothing.

‘The parcel arrived exactly when you said it would. No waiting around, allowing me to make the most of the day.’
The case of Trees and Logs is a great example of how clothes2order.com can also provide uniforms and practical clothes for the workplace. We’re really pleased that Trees and Logs are happy with their order and delighted that they are happy to recommend us. Big thank you to Richard for being so helpful.