Having recently attended a conference in London, I was amazed by the variety of approaches companies had towards promotional clothing. I thought it would be a good idea to give some simple tips on how your company can get the most from using promotional T shirts.

1) Logo: This is probably the most important part of your T-shirt as it is what a customer will directly associate with your company. For this reason a logo has to be eye-catching and make an impact such that the consumers attention is drawn to it and intrigued by it. In order for this to happen it has to be attractive and aesthetically pleasing while helping to convey a positive message about your company.

2) Colour: I would never claim to be a fashionista but there are some basics that need to be stated. Colours carry with them a subliminal message that will have an impact on how your company is viewed. For example, if you are a cleaning company, a clean white T-shirt will show how professional your company is, likewise environmental agencies may opt for green to emphasise their eco-friendly policies. It is important to think about what colour will convey a positive message about the work your company does.

Remember, while colours are important, logos should remain the focus of your promotional T-shirt! So make sure your logo stands out on the background you have selected and is clearly visible. Don’t invest time creating a fantastic logo for it to end up being drowned by a garish colour.

3) Information: There is always a balance to strike when deciding how much information a company should place on a promotional T-shirt. While the aim of the T-shirt is clearly to generate interest in your company, you can run the risk of swapping customers with too much information, such that they become confused and disinterested. I would suggest that less is more and that you stick to a ‘logo and link’ combination. By having a strong logo and a large printed link to an approriate webpage, the customer should have more than enough to progress with their interest in your company.

4) Purpose: I would suggest adjusting promotional T-shirts for the purpose of their use. At large exhibition events it maybe more important to focus on standing out from your competitors so that people come to your stand to find out more. In comparison however if you are planning a T-shirt give-away, it is important to focus on making the T-shirts wearable and fashionable so that people will actually wear them and give your company free promotion while they walk the street.  By adjusting your T-shirt design according to the event, you are likely to get much more out of your promotional clothing.