After watching the ITV show on Sunday night, I was left asking myself…what is the X Factor? In my mind the X Factor is someone who has star quality and an amazing voice, but not according to Cheryl Cole! To get into Cheryl’s final three, it seems you need to sing badly, cry and smudge your eye make-up all over your face.

Unfortunately for Gamu Nhengu, she did none of these things, she just sang well throughout the whole competition. After her first audition most of the bookies had her tipped as a favourite for the ‘supposed’ talent competition, but last night her dreams ended.

My bewilderment has been echoed in the public, press and also by Simon Cowell’s judging side-kick Sinitta who Tweeted “Aaaaarrrrggh. Cheryl Noooo!!”. We can’t all be wrong, can we? Well, There are rumours that the big twist on Saturday night’s show will be wildcard entries as life lines for contestants who were over-looked. So I’m saying we get behind Gamu and give her the best chance of being selected. To help i’ve created these T-shirts to spread the word and support the campaign.