It seems that a logo and a phone number on a T-Shirt is not always the best design for a charity T-shirt if you want to earn money for your cause. While information such as phone numbers and web addresses are certainly a great way to promote your charity, there is definitely a new trend of designer T-shirts sweeping the charity market. It all ties in with the new socially aware shopper, who buys organic and supports local producers. People are now looking to be satisfied with a product both for its quality and the knowing their money is going to a place they deem worthy. Indeed with fashion and charity are becoming more and more combined, philanthropy is the new cool thing.

So if you are looking to use printed T-shirts as a means of earning money instead of raising awareness, you now need to think about how your T-shirt looks just as much as the cause it promotes. Indeed many companies and individuals have linked up with designers to ensure that their cause looks as trendy as possible.

Mary J. Blige recently teamed up with fashion designer, Catherine Malandrino to create a T-shirt to promote FFAWN (Foundation For the Achievement of Women Now). The bold and edgy design led to a whole range of clothes being produced and a whole fashion show being put on. Similar to this, Harper’s Bazaar invited huge designers from around the world to put their stamp on simple white T-shirts so that they could be sold for charity.

Unique designs backed with a strong philanthropic message gives the customer the win-win situation of having a great T-shirt and that ‘warm’ feeling of supporting a worthy cause. These examples show us is that charities need to be aware that to earn money from T-shirts, they must aim to attract the socially aware, fashion conscious shopper.