People say you should not judge a book by its cover, but whether you like it or not, people invariably do. That’s why the job of launch party organisers is not easy. They have to ensure guest’s first impressions are going to turn into positive recommendations after all the champagne has gone and the finger buffet is empty.

The first stage of making a lasting impression is getting people to remember why they are there. It may seem obvious but in the pomp of the party, the spotlight can easily be taken off the book or film being promoted. Guests can inadvertently act as salesmen and women for your product, therefore it is crucial that they leave remembering what was being plugged.

This is clearly something that Pebbles Publishing had thought about before their latest book launch for ’Just like a Women’ by Madeleine Clark. In order to ensure that all attending would remember the book, they ordered products including T-shirts with the book cover on for people to take away with them. This simple cost effective tactic is a great way to gain free publicity, particularly if the give aways are useful or fashionable. Pebbles clearly thought about a theme for the products as well to reflect the book’s subject matter.

I wanted black t-shirts to capture the mood of the book – which is very dark and menacing.

We are very happy Pebbles Publishing were pleased with the service we provided and the range of T-shirts we had on offer. If you have a launch coming up, clothes2order can help you make the perfect promotional T-shirt to ensure your guests leave remembering why they came.