Yesterday saw the launch of a new-look We are always trying to improve the online experience for our customers and have always welcomed suggestions and comments. Drawing on all of these for ideas, we decided to re-vamp our website with a new design and colour scheme.

What does the new website have to offer?

The new website is designed to make everything simpler, from choosing your clothes, to personalising them. We have introduced new features to help you get exactly the clothes you want without making you want to tear your hair out along the way.

If you have never been to the website before, there is a short introductory video which shows you the key features, before guiding you through the entire ordering process. This means that you can just follow along with the guide, pausing and stopping it when you need to. 

With a large range of clothes here at finding what you want can be daunting especially when you are not exactly sure what it is you are looking for. The new navigation bar  is designed to make finding the right items easy! By simply select criteria from a few specific drop down bars, the website will save you time by only showing you clothes that meet your needs.
‘A major step forwards for Clothes2Order’

is how, Jon Hudghton, Head of Development, described the launch of the new website. ‘A great team effort has led to improvements both in terms of design and functionality. We focused on improving the navigation and order process in order to make it easier than ever to choose products and customise them online.”

Have a look at the new site by clicking the picture below and let us know what you think!