Its not easy to take your company in a new direction, especially when the leap is from engineering to fashion but that is exactly what Michaela recently has decided to do with her company, ProJection Components. On a normal day you are likely find Michaela modifying motorbike parts so they will fit into older bikes, but now she has taken the bold step to branch into clothing.

‘Technical and Anoraky’

Is how she describes the target audience for her motorbike inspired designs. However although this TZR250 engine is meant to tug at the heartstrings of racers, it is also just a great simple design. meant that Michaela could get her design printed at an affordable price, so that she can see how the designs sell. It meant that she did not have to invest to much time or money on printing it herself.

We really liked her clean cut and cool design and are sure they’ll be snapped up by motorbiking fanatics in no time! Click here to find out more about ProJection Components or see their facebook page.