Following on from last week’s post, we decided to find more hilarious knitted items to give you some inspiration on how to keep warm this winter. If a simple hoody or plain jumper is not your style, why not choose something from our top 5 Woolly Wonders!

1) Keeping warm, while looking good enough to eat can be a bit of a pickle. This knitter however has found the answer: A mouth-watering burger dress that is bound to get heads turning. Not one for vegetarians out there!

2) Do you want to be the Princess Leia to everyone else’s Jabba the Hutt? This hat is perfect for every Star Wars fan as it not only gives you her gorgeous locks, but keeps your melon nice and warm.

3) You might as well pretend that you are back in World War One with this freezing fog about and what better way to do it than with the knitted gas mask! This crazy creation is as scary as it is ingenious. When people see you walking through the mist with this on, they will wonder if they are back in the blitz.

4) If like me you have a bald father who likes to get his groove on, this knitted Elvis toupee could be the perfect Christmas present! Practical, sexy and cool, uh huh huh!

5) Definitely the cutest knitted outfit on this list. There can’t be many things in this world cuter than a baby in a suave knitted baby-grow.

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