Everyone said that England’s bid for the World Cup was perfect, but did we bother to make a world record breaking T-shirt? No! Qatar did and it might go someway to explaining why they are hosting the World Cup in 2022.

To support their World Cup bid, they dediced to break the world record for the largest T-shirt. The previous record stood at 2,782 square meters or the same area as 10 tennis courts and is big enough for some 16,692 people to stand upon.

The T-shirt, made by Qatar Petroleum Company (Qapco), has absolutely smashed the record and measures over 72.2m long and 48.7m wide, weighs 6 tonnes and covers 3,516.25 square meters. The T-shirt was made from cotton and was produced in China before being transported to Doha and its location at Aspire Zone. I think it’s so big, you could probably fit most of the people from Qatar in it!

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