The UK, in the past 17 years, has become a hothouse of festivals: music events such as Glastonbury, Rockness and the Isle of Wight festival and food festivals like Chilli Fest or The Big Cheese or Fishstock.

Now the nicer weather has apparently settled in, it’s a great time to work out how your company or organisation can benefit from the festival season.

Promotional clothing is a great way to harness the feel-good factor and you don’t just have to give out T-shirts and hope for the best: many companies and brands have had fantastic success in getting their T-shirts or other promotional clothing to travel and appear in the media by offering prizes or incentives for photographs of a branded hat or polo-shirt being worn in some outlandish or surprising location. And then there is the potential to piggyback on other weird promotional activities such as the Travelling Gnome phenomenon which appears in the film Amelia.

You can find festivals here that might suit giving away branded goodies, and even if you can’t create a world-wide trend with your promotional clothing, it’s still certain that comfortable summer garments with your logo or slogan on them will be a travelling advertisement for your organisation.