Organic cotton is about as eco-friendly as promotional clothing can get – and that’s good news for companies that need to have uniforms or promotional gear that stands up to the scrutiny of the media. Charities and businesses often choose to use organic cotton T-shirts to publicise their activities, to avoid the risk of being challenged by the press about their ‘green credentials’. It’s no good saying you’re committed to fair trade if the promotional items you give away have been made using child labour or resources that impoverish the community in which they originate.

There’s another advantage to buying organic in PR terms. It gives the wearer of the T-shirt a double boost: they get to make a positive environmental statement by what they wear, and they feel a positive emotional response because the organisation is acting in line with their personal belief system.

This makes organic promotional clothing a brilliant prospect for environmentally or socially aware organisations and allows them to print or embroider their message on organic ‘blanks’ with perfect confidence that they won’t be tripped up at the press conference by an investigative reporter with an axe to grind.