McDonald’s will be replacing the uniforms for all of its 85,000 employees. Just three years after Bruce Oldfield redesigned the McDonald’s workplace clothing line, Wayne Hemingway has been handed the job.

Wayne who? Better known as one of the founders of Red or Dead, Hemingway is going to produce a 100% closed loop uniform. That means that clothing will be collected when worn out or outgrown, recycled into new clothing and issued again to staff.

The high sustainability workwear is a step forward for Hemingway who’s been making recycled items out of the old uniforms and textiles of big firms like the Royal Mail.

If closed loop clothing seems a step too far for your firm, organic garments like high quality cotton T-shirts and polo-shirts are proving to be a popular choice with businesses that wish to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability while offering their employees a comfortable, durable uniform that can be printed or embroidered and looks great.