Adapting your marketing strategies at Christmas is important if you want to take advantage of the profits to be made in this busy period. If you have a small business to market there are several things you need to start thinking about.

Some businesses use it as an opportunity to thank and reward customers. Some business owners decide to change their Adwords strategies and some use it as an opportunity to drive in new customers with offers and gift ideas. No matter what sort of marketing you are planning on for the season, now is the time to start. Here are some ideas:

Christmas Countdwon


1.         Thank your customers for their business. Rewarding your clients at Christmas time is a great way to build customer loyalty, convert prospects in customers and bring cash flow into your business. These marketing strategies can include something as simple a thank you note, to offering a holiday discount or coupon. For example, why not encourage larger purchases by offering a holiday special like Buy Two and Get a Third Item for Free.


2.      Bundle items as a holiday theme. Instead of selling single items offer a Christmas theme and entice people to buy bundles of products or services. At Christmas features matter less than benefits to customers. In the stampede for Christmas revenue it is vital that you quickly communicate why your product is better than competing ones.


3.      Start thinking about altering your AdWords strategy now. As AdWords is based on demand, a very popular Adwords campaign at Christmas is going to cost a lot. Preparing your AdWords campaign in advance can save money. Decide on what your promotions strategy and offers are going to be and then stock up on AdWords. Conversion rates at this time of year are double as people are actively looking for gifts and therefore Adwords strategy is particularly important. Look at your categories, analyse which ones do well and decide from this which areas you should be spending on AdWords.


4.     Remember who your target market is. Marketing becomes more complicated at Christmas as your product or service is more likely to be bought as a gift. This brings the problem of multiple audiences, no longer can you afford to market just to the women in her forties buying the product for herself, you’re marketing to her husband, children, friends and relatives. Think how you can alter your marketing communications to reach these multiple audiences.


Why Start now?

  • Many people start their Christmas shopping in November. If you are planning on buying advertising or have other marketing materials to produce remember that every other small business is planning this too, you need to get in line.
  • Its been mentioned a lot already this series but if you fail to plan you prepare to fail. This month you need a clear plan about what exactly your going to do, and when, in order to achieve Christmas marketing success. Although most consumers bemoan that Christmas comes earlier and earlier each year, evidence suggests that those  brands quick off the mark with their festive marketing are most likely to report robust figures in January

Next up in the series – how to go about delivery tribulations over the Christmas period.