As ever we love to hear our customer’s stories here at Clothes2order. Today’s blog will look at Pete Wright’s personal training business ‘Be Wright Fit’ and how he is using his Clothes2order garments.

‘Be Wright Fit’ began when Pete was practising yoga and noticed his son was copying the moves. Figuring, quite rightly, that if it was beneficial for him then it must be beneficial for his son, he embarked on a teaching course. Spotting the gap in the market for kids yoga he qualified and began teaching kids in schools and gyms, where significant improvements in the children’s concentration and focus was reported. The business evolved when the parents of said children starting enquiring about whether he taught similar classes for adults. A further qualification followed and his adult yoga classes were established.

As demand increased for his fitness expertise, more qualifications followed and today Be Wright Fit
offers a full range of fitness classes, personal training, yoga and massage for both kids and adults and kids with special needs.

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I asked Pete about what he was going to use his Clothes2order for:

‘I’m using them for advertisement. With any luck, the people that are wearing them will be seen out and about and the Name or Brand of Be Wright Fit will get into people’s heads and then Be Wright Fit becomes the place where people come to when they want to make that lifestyle change and make a difference to themselves.’

‘It’s also nice for people to feel they are part of a group, this makes them feel part of something and that it is not just them’

I also asked Pete why he chose Clothes2order:

‘I had some clothing done through heat printing and was recommended that as my logo is quite detailed I should look at direct to garment printing instead, so googled it, and up you popped, had a look about, your pricing was very similar and after the initial set up fees the pricing was good, so tried it with a small order really liked the finish and went from there.

‘I also have to say once everything is ready to be shipped your customer service acknowledgement is great, constant contact and the deliveries are when they say they are’

Pete was right in that DTG printing, unlike screen printing, can produce multicoloured designs in one go. When a design is picked for screen printing the artwork is broken down into separate layers each of which is transferred to a screen and burned into the items.  In contrast, DTG printing works much like an ink jet printer you would find at home. However, instead of feeding paper, DTG printers digitally transcribe your desired artwork to the garment of your choice. These highly sophisticated printers use a special type of water-based ink that results in vibrantly coloured and durable prints that last for a long time.

Look out for our next picture blog where you will see the process in action!

Thank you Pete for giving us an insight into your business and what you are using your Clothes2order purchase to do!

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