So you’ve finished your design, decided on your garments and made your order on the Clothes2order website. You may be wondering what happens next. Hopefully this blog will give you a little insight about what happens to your order after you have clicked confirm.

Embroidery is something we love at Clothes2order. All our production is done in our own dedicated warehouse with our own equipment. Most importantly our staff are experts, and they care about every single print and embroidery they make. We’ll blog in future more detail about the different printing processes we offer, but this blog will detail the Clothes2order embroidery process; from when we get your art, to the finished article.

1.       Your order is placed in the system.

2.       Carl, our sales manager, receives your artwork. In order to produce an embroidered logo we have to manually redraw the logo in a format which can be read by an embroidery machine. This process is called digitisation. Carl sends your artwork to the digitisers who create the embroidered logo and produce a sample.

3.       This sample is sent to you so you can see it and check that it is exactly fitting your requirements. When you are happy with the artwork you will ‘approve’ it and it is sent to Edyta our embroidery expert in the warehouse.

We personally check personalised clothing embroidery

Edyta checking through orders


4. Edyta will check through the order, reviewing the artwork with customer notes and checking there are no sizing issues or colour clashes. If there are any problems, Edyta will inform our customer service team who will then discuss and remedy any issues for you. When it is confirmed that your design looks the best it possibly can, the artwork is sent to the embroidery machine.

Embroidery Machine polo shirts

Embroidery Machine – Check out the design on the screen


5. The machine reads the images and begins to work.


Embroidery Machine for working on a polo-shirt

The Embroidery Machine at work

6. When the order is ready it is transferred to the Quality Control Station. Here Sam is checking the embroidery against the customer specification, its position, colour and overall look of the garments in the order. If there is one that isn’t a hundred percent, it isn’t sent out.

Quality checking polo shirts

Sam inspecting every item to ensure quality


7. When it is confirmed that every item in the order meets our very high standards it goes to the packer and is wrapped up ready for delivery.


Packing up the polo shirts for delivery

Getting ready for packing and delivery


There we have it. If you choose an embroidered logo this is what happens when you have confirmed your order. The process for printed logo’s and text is slightly different and we will cover that soon, but you can be sure that all of your orders are checked by our expert staff who will select the best printing type for you and ensure it is printed to perfection!

If you’ve any more questions about the order process, please email me. The address is below.



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