It’s official. Dress down Friday is bad for business.

While you may have thought the worst consequence was the searing mental image of a colleague missing the appropriateness compass, in fact a recent survey suggests that giving employees free reign as to what they wear makes them up to 50 percent more likely to be rude, late and flirtatious.

Dress Down Friday Error

What not to wear on Dress Down Friday


Here are the stats:

  • One in ten workers cite dress down Friday as the most stressful time of the week
  • 15 per cent become so stressed by what to wear they call in sick.
  • One in four have been late due to indecision
  • One in five have returned home to change after leaving the house.
  • One in three people begin to plan their Friday outfit on Thursday lunchtime with one percent beginning the decision-making process as early as Monday evening.
  • A huge 43 per cent spend more time on hair, makeup and grooming on a Friday compared to any other day of the working week, which adds an average of fifteen minutes to an individual’s morning routine.
  • 50 per cent spend more money on their Friday fashion than they do for the remainder of the week
  • High heels over four inches, party dresses and mini skirts all seen as acceptable Friday attire.
  • 15 per cent of men claiming to have pulled a colleague aside to tell them about a Friday fashion faux pas.
  • One in five women admitting to whispering at the water cooler behind a colleague’s back.
  • 1/3 of employees have complained that it leads to a high degree of flirtatiousness among staff.

While you may not agree that dress down Friday is as devastating as these statistics imply, it does show that clothing can act as a sharp trigger for sense memory. If you wear casual clothes to work, your brain too will feel like its on holiday. The argument follows that a uniform with your branding will put you in the right, professional frame of mind to have a productive day!

What do you think of Dress Down Friday? Tell us your worst example of a Dress Down Friday Faux Pas!

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5 Responses

  1. Howard

    In my office i’ve seen ladies in miniskirts,but not lads in shorts.I’m wondering if i should step foward to ask the HR about the matter,but feel too awkward to.If miniskirts can be accepted,no reason why short pants shouldnt.The picture above of the man in collar shirt and shorts is appropriate if women are allowed in miniskirts or tank tops.He dont look half bad at all,if he puts his feet down from the table

    • Helen

      Yes I agree with you it should be a consistent rule for all. Have you noticed any behaviour differences from the people dressed more casually?

  2. Howard

    As for the flip flops,most of the workers not in direct contact with customers,men and women alike,do so when bustling about the office handling their work once they check in,anyway.

  3. Howard

    Even not on casual fridays,I see women in skirt so short and tight they look exactly like snug shorts,irony to the point that a gentleman of the same stature cant wear shorts which project the same image.Women are allowed a myraid of sleeveless options even in the business districts while men are necessitated to wear long sleeves,which is a disadvantage in hot weather.Some of those tube top dresses even looked more like spa robes or bathing suits,yet theyre being allowed,and because of what?Fashion?Are men victims of being cast aside by fashion?Why are people condemning certain governmental regulations for being against freedom,like the impending miniskirt ban in korea,when social pressures,expectations and fashion clothing industry manipulates people’s choices way more than most governmental regulations can?

  4. Conservative dresser

    I do not approve of dress down Fridays. Workers, particularly those employed by the federal, state, or local governemnts should present a positive, professional appearance that can assure the public the government is doing its job. There can be no such assurance when an employees comes to work dressed as a beach bum or street slut.



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