We’ve shown you what happens to your order if you choose for your garments to be embroidered and today we will cover the Clothes2order DTG Process for a printed logo.

You may have noticed that we have been running some twitter competitions recently and our first winner a couple of weeks ago was Danielle who won 5 DTG printed t-shirts. She veryn kindly decided to get them as a surprise gift to promote her boyfriends photography business. (If you need to be reminded about the many benefits from using promotional t-shirts for your business please take a look at this article.)

I thought I’d use this as my chance to document a Clothes2order DTG printed garment from start to finish and I was lucky enough to go and take lots of pictures and pick the brains of some of our printing experts!

So here we go, a whistle stop tour of what happens after you place your Clothes2order DTG printing order. Oh and if you want to be in with a chance of winning some more seriously cool prizes ‘like’ us on facebook and follow us on twitter!

1. Your order is placed on the Clothes2order website.

2. Carl, our sales manager, receives your artwork and sends it down to Edyta in the warehouse and our very own state of the art DTG Printers

3. Edyta will check through your order and make a sample if it on the DTG printer to ensure the  shades of colour are correct and match the artwork.

DTG printing t-shirt printing promotional

Direct to Garment Printer


4. The t-shirts are sprayed with a ‘pre treatment fluid’ to prepare the surface for receiving the ink. This is crucial and ensures the print will last in the wash. In the video below Bartosz is applying just the right amount of pre treatment fluid to give you an amazing looking print while keeping the t-shirts durability.

5. Production begins. DTG is the latest development in printing methods and essentially acts in the same way as your printer at home. A bigger version of the desktop inkjet printer (and with specially tested water based ink) instead of taking paper they take t-shirts and other garments as the print media. The artwork is sent to the printer wirelessly, the t-shirt goes into the machine, the print heads move left and right and within a minute the t-shirt reappears with a top quality, vibrant print.


6. The ink contains a ‘fusing agent’ so when the design has been printed it is heat pressed and the ‘fusing agent’ makes the ink permanently adhere to the fibres of the fabric. This results in t-shirts that are high quality and extremely durable and long lasting.


Heat press in Action DTG printing durable prints

The Heat Press


7. The items are individually quality checked and if they pass our very high standards will be packed up and sent to you

DTG printing

The Finished Product


Things to remember:

Checks, checks and more checks. Buying from Clothes2order you can be assured that your order will be exactly as you imagined it. With checks all along the way and friendly knowledgeable staff in contact with you at all times, you can feel safe that the finished product will be perfect.

If you have any questions about whether DTG will be right for you order, please give us a ring on 0161 855 3961 or indeed a tweet!

– The final post in this behind the scenes series will feature Vinly printing!