1. Projecting Competence

In customer facing industries it is important to look united and eager to serve. Uniform plays a crucial role in getting this perception across. A uniform makes staff identifiable, meaning customers will be able to immediately seek help in a store setting if they require it. Employees wearing a uniform also inspire confidence by announcing to the customer that the individual is a professional with product knowledge and a willingness to help. With a uniform on the employee takes on the reputation of the company, making them look as reliable and trustworthy as the company you have built.

Here Clothes2Order customers Etiquette Home Care are using their embroidered tabards and polo-shirts to project the professionalism and trust that is so important to them and their customers.

Custom Uniform

Etiquette Home Care Uniform


2. A Sense of Belonging

Everyone wearing the same clothes creates an immediate sense of commonness and belonging. This is very difficult to achieve otherwise and adds an element of motivation and pride for the employee.

3. Corporate Branding

Asking employees to wear uniforms in colours distinctive to your company can have a real effect in cementing an impression in the mind of the customer. A uniform acts as a further distinguishing mark from competitors and therefore helping the branding effort. Further, consistency in employee appearance with the overall branding effort will have a positive impression on the customer and add to projecting the corporate image.

4. Eliminates the need for a Dress Code

In today’s workplace enforcing a dress code is often problematic and time consuming. Often boundaries are unclear and this can lead to resentful feelings from employees who are told their attire is not appropriate for the workplace. Requiring employees to wear a uniform eliminates the need to create and enforce a dress code.
Further some employees view receiving a uniform as a perk! Often it can encourage people to go for a job and represents considerable conservation of time and effort for the employee who doesn’t have to foot the bill for their own work attire.

5. To Promote Trust

In the same way that a police uniform identifies a law officer, a uniform can identify someone who is out In the field making a service call or travelling to a customers home. A uniform will ease the mind of customers letting an electrician into their homes, or handing over their keys when their car needs servicing.



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