This week Clothes2Order are offering you the chance to let loose your sharp tongue in our caption competition.

We’ve chosen this great photograph of Labour Party leader Ed Miliband on a trip on the London tube last week.

Ed Miliband tube

Caption Competition. Enter on our facebook page


‘Like’ us on our facebook page and simply comment with your caption on the picture to enter. The best caption will be decided on Friday when we will contact the witty winner.

What will the winner win for their creativity you ask? What Clothes2Order does best; a free t-shirt with their caption on. So, best get commenting with your cleverest quips!



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  1. Diane Harfleet

    “cor im uncontrollably grinding my teeth wishing my wife as dirty as her” whilst a 90 yrs hold on as tight as possible to the poll trying to keep her balance whist the train stops

  2. Dionicio

    How about La vie en rose? What a spectacular sesnut!You are right about the days going so quickly. I didn’t find the transition from work to non-work easy. For a long time I felt a lack of purpose, a bit rootless, but now, it’s the old saying, I don’t know how I had time to work .But it’s the finding something to enthuse which is so important to me. Staying enthusiastic about my life, that’s the key for me!!You have some beautiful photographs and I would love to share one from time to time at soulsnet if that would be ok. I would always credit you and link back.Can you let me know.Bonne journeeCorinne


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