We’re always looking to improve your experience of using our website and are close to unveiling a new and improved Clothes2Order.

We hope you’ll agree our new logo and colour scheme is more attractive, but it’s not just our looks we’re changing. The website is being redeveloped to bring you an improved shopping experience, aiming to make our website remarkably easy to use, saving you time and hassle when creating your uniforms and event clothing.

So without further ado, here’s a sneak peek at our new logo. We’d love any feedback and look forward to announcing the full roll out coming soon!

New C2O logo

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  1. keedo

    Hello, can you please make sure you can use more than 3 different logo’s at a time. Also when you order the same item in the same size, there is no way of changing the logo if their the same colour. I am a regular customer, this will make the site complete.


    • Simon

      Hi Keedo, thanks for the feedback. We really appreciate the insight and will be sure to discuss it to see if it’s something we can action for you. There may be technical reasons which make this difficult to fit into our order process but we’ll discuss and do our best!

  2. Azdin Costa

    Hi! Good to see things are moving up. I’ve used your website and services and I have been very satisfied with the services provided. I would like if it were possible to add more than 3 designs to and order. I run my own apparel design company on the side and was really happy with the bulk order I purchased after seeking so many suppliers.

    If it were possible to add more designs to an order instead of three that would be great as I’d be able to order bigger orders and far more frequently.

    Hope this helps and can’t wait to see the completion of your website.

    Kind regards


  3. Simon Clothes2Order

    That’s great feedback thanks Azdin, definitely something for us to think about. We’ll be sure to discuss and I’ll let you know! In the mean time anything else crops up we always love suggestions on how to improve our service. Otherwise we look forward to showing you the new site in a couple of weeks!


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