Yes, it’s that time of year again when brands love to make the most of the scary season with Halloween-related products, promotions, and even pranks. So to get you into the spirit, here’s our top 5 most eerie advert campaigns that caused a fright or two…


For Halloween this year, hotel finder site is advertising 7 haunted hotels in the US, available for customers to book and “stay if you dare”. The campaign starts at, and takes the customer on a creepy virtual staircase tour presenting 7 haunted hotels and ends with a YouTube video advertising one of the spooky resorts.











2. Topshop

Last year, Topshop launched a Halloween Twitter campaign to coincide with their new Witching Hour clothing collection. The campaign invited customers to tweet Halloween tips or photos of their Halloween outfit followed by the hashtag #TrickorTweet. Customers were then invited to exchange their tweets in store for cosmetic items, and the best tweets each day won a £100 giftcard. The viral campaign proved to be very popular, even winning Topshop an award.

3. Phones 4U

During October 2011, Phones 4U screened a horror-themed advert for their latest mobile deals which featured a young girl haunting a terrified shopper. The ad sparked more than 600 complaints to the Advertising Standards Agency from parents who claimed it had frightened their children. Despite being the most complained about advert of 2011, the ASA ruled it was unlikely to cause widespread offence, especially since the campaign was only aired after 9pm.

4. LG

LG wanted to make a big impact when advertising their latest IPS monitors and so filmed a video with the idea that their display screens look as convincing as real life. LG cleverly installed a grid of these monitors into a lift floor which projected images giving the illusion of the floor falling through, tricking lift users into thinking they were falling to their death. The viral video entitled So Real It’s Scary has been seen by over 20 million viewers on YouTube. LG have pulled similar successful pranks, including tricking interviewees into believing that an apocalyptic event had taken place by screening a fake meteor explosion on a huge window-sized TV.

5. Greggs

In 2012, Greggs ran an online viral advert entitled Britain Prepare for Zombies: Only Humans Allowed which depicted an invasion of zombies entering a Greggs shop. The campaign also featured on its Facebook and Twitter pages where customers could receive updates on ‘zombie sightings’. It also included nationwide samplings of two of its Halloween themed products and the chance to enter a competition.

Do you know any more spooky seasonal ads that can be added to our list above? Let us know via Twitter @clothes2order or leave a comment in the box below. 


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